The truth about indoor cats and fleas

Since my cat only stays indoors, there’s no way she could have fleas. Often, our new clients comment on our rule that all feline guests must undergo a flea inspection upon arrival and adhere to a regular flea prevention treatment. Two years ago, we posted a blog debunking the common misconception that indoor cats are immune to fleas. We’re addressing this significant issue again as it remains a widespread misunderstanding among indoor cat owners. If your indoor cat has never had fleas, you might be questioning why it’s such a big concern. The primary reason is that fleas reproduce at an extraordinarily fast rate. Secondly, eliminating them requires significant time, patience, and effort. Third and most crucially, your cat may fall ill. How do fleas even infiltrate my home? Fleas usually infiltrate our homes by latching onto us through our clothes, backpacks, and domestic animals. Once they find entry into your house, they will search for comfortable areas to shelter like beds, rugs, skirting boards, and crevices on the floor. They can potentially survive for as long as a year there!


Updated: Desember 23, 2023 — 8:26 pm

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